Teen Auto Insurance

If you are a parent and your teen has just received his or her driving license, insurance agents recommend informing your current auto insurance company because even though your policy will cover your teen's accidents are covered if they are not listed. If you don't let the auto insurance company know, they may later bill you for the aditional premium that youl should have paid anyway and more importantly, they may refuse to renew your car insurance policy for withhelding information from them.


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Insurance Companies in Texas Cannot Refuse to Renew Policy
Just because you may have a child that just reached the legal age to start driving, the insurance company cannot refuse to renew your auto policy. Texas law actually prohibits auto insurance companies to refuse renewal based on a covered person's age.

What To Do If You Have Children Leaving For College
You can drop your children from your auto insurance policy but may face opposition from your insurance company, however, it is very risky to do this as your kids may still drive at school or when they come home.

Should I Have a Separate Policy For My Teen?
Adding a teen to an insurance policy will no doubt rise the premium. However, if the teen were to get his or her own policy, the cost would more likely be more than having him or her apart of your policy.

Which Car Should I List My Teen Under?
Shady insurance agents will try to tell you that you should list your teen as a driver of the most expensive car. However, you should be able to get away with listing your children under the cheapest car, therefore, reducing the premiums by a little bit. Even if your teen drives a different car then he or she is listed under, any accidents will still be covered by the policy.