TX Insurance Companies

The state of Texas requires drivers to have at the minimum liability insurance that covers bodily injury, property damage and other potential damages that may be a result of you or a driver covered by your auto insurance policy causes an accident. Texas requries liability insurance to cover at least $20,000 bodily injury a person, $40,000 bodily injury per accident and $15,000 for property damage per accident. This requirement is also referred to as 20/40/15 coverage. Liability insurance will not cover any damage done to your own car or truck.


ZIP Code
Babbitt Municipalities, Inc.
Baker Agency, Inc., The
Baker Benefits Administrators, Inc.
Baker Systems
Balboa Insurance Company
Balboa Life Insurance Company
Baltimore Life Insurance Company, The
Banc One Kentucky Insurance Company
Bancinsure, Inc.
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company
Bankers Independent Insurance Company
Bankers Insurance Company
Bankers Life and Casualty Company
Bankers Life Insurance Company
Bankers Life Insurance Company of America
Bankers Life Insurance Company of New York
Bankers Reserve Life Insurance Company of Wisconsin
Bankers Standard Fire and Marine Company
Bankers Standard Insurance Company
Banner Life Insurance Company
Banner Premium Finance, Inc
Baptist Community Services
Baptist Life Association
Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company, The
Barmore Insurance Agency, Inc
Barton Creek Senior Living Center, Inc.
Bass Administrators, Inc.
Baum & Carlock Benefit Association
Bay Bridge Administrators, Llc
Bayou City Financial Holdings, Ltd
Bayou City Holdings, Ltd
Bayou Manor
Bcs Insurance Company
Bcs Life Insurance Company
Beacon Hill Financial Services, Inc
Beacon Lloyds Insurance Company
Beacon National Insurance Company
Bear Country Finance
Beazley Insurance Company, Inc.
Bellet & West Premium Financing
Beltway Premium Finance Company, Inc
Benadco, Inc.
Benchmark Insurance Company
Bene-Marc, Inc.
Benecard Services, Inc.
Beneficial Administration Company, Inc.
Beneficial Life Insurance Company
Benefit Administration Services, Ltd.
Benefit Architects, Inc.
Benefit Concepts, Inc.
Benefit Coordinators Corporation
Benefit Elect of Texas
Benefit Group, Inc., The
Benefit Management Administrators, Inc.
Benefit Management, Inc.
Benefit Planners Limited, L.L.P.
Benefit Research Corporation
Benefit Resources, Inc.
Benefit Systems and Services Inc (Bssi)
Benefit Systems and Services, Inc.
Benefits America
Benefits Assistance, Inc.
Benefits Network, Inc.
Benetrust Corp.
Benicomp, Inc.
Benicorp Insurance Company
Benistar Admin Services, Inc.
Berkley Administrators of Texas, Inc.
Berkley Insurance Company
Berkley Regional Insurance Company
Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance Company of Nebraska
Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America
Bertholon-Rowland Corp.
Bertholon-Rowland Insurance Brokers
Best Life and Health Insurance Company
Bestco, Inc.
Big Country Financial Services, Inc
Bioscrip Pbm Services, Llc
Bituminous Casualty Corporation
Bituminous Fire and Marine Insurance Company
Blico Administrators, Inc.
Block Vision of Texas, Inc.
Block Vision, Inc.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, A Division of Health Care Service Corporation
Blue Mountain Premium Finance Company
Blue Sky Premium Finance, Ltd
Bmi Benefits, L.L.C.
Bmi-Health Plans, Inc.
Bob Grizzle
Bollinger, Inc.
Bond Safeguard Insurance Company
Boon Chapman Benefit Administrator, Inc.
Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company
Boston Old Colony Insurance Company
Bowling Shaver Group, Inc., The
Brazos Presbyterian Homes, Inc.
Brazos Presbyterian Homes, Inc.
Bridgeview Estates
Bristol West Specialty Insurance Company
British American Insurance Company
Brokerage Concepts, Inc.
Brokers Financial Services, Inc
Brokers National Life Assurance Company
Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company
Buckingham Senior Living Community, Inc.
Buckingham, The
Burkholder Corporation
Business Administrators & Consultants, Inc.
Businessplans, Inc.
Butterworth & Macias, P.C.
C. C. Young Memorial Home
C. L. Frates and Company
C. M. Life Insurance Company
C.K. Premium Finance, Llc
C.P.A. Insurance Company
Caa Premium Finance Company L.L.C.
Cac Acceptance Corporation
Cadent Underwriters, Inc.
Cal Eagle Insurance Company
Calanthe, Grand Court Order Of
California Capital Insurance Company
California Casualty Indemnity Exchange
California Casualty Insurance Company
California Insurance Company
Calvin Leo Crider
Cam Administrative Services, Inc.
Cambridge Integrated Services Group, Inc.
Cambridge Life Insurance Company
Camden Fire Insurance Association, The
Camden Premium Finance, Inc.
Camico Mutual Insurance Company
Canada Life Assurance Company, The
Canada Life Insurance Company of America
Canal Insurance Company
Cananwill Corporation
Cananwill Premium Credit Trust
Cananwill Premium Funding Company
Cananwill, Inc.
Canteen Premium Finance
Capital Area Behavioral Health Care Corporation
Capital City Insurance Company, Inc.
Capital Finance Company
Capital Markets Assurance Corporation
Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Capitol Indemnity Corporation
Capitol Life Insurance Company, The
Capitol Security Life Insurance Company
Capps Insurance Agency-Mt Pleasant Ltd
Caprock Claims Management, Llc
Caprock Healthplans, Inc.
Cardif Property and Casualty Insurance Company
Cardinal Premium Funding of Texas, L.P.
Cardiovascular Disease Management, Inc.
Care Improvement Plus of Texas Insurance Company
Caremark, Inc.
Carillon, Inc.
Cariten TPA Services
Carolina Casualty Insurance Company
Caronia Corporation
Carroll Insurance Agency, Ltd
Carter & Company Premium Finance
Cas-Claims Administrative Services, Inc.
Cass County Life Insurance Company
Casualty Reciprocal Exchange
Catalyst Rx
Catalyst Rx, Inc.
Catastrophe Reinsurance Company
Caterpillar Insurance Company
Caterpillar Life Insurance Company
Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas - K.J.Z.T.
Catholic Knights
Catholic Life Insurance
Catholic Order of Foresters
Catholic Union of Texas, The K.J.T.
Catlin Insurance Company, Inc.
Cbc of Delaware, Inc.
Cbca Administrators, Inc.
Cbg Services Corporation
Cbi Benefits Administrators, Inc.
Cbiz Benefits & Insurance Services, Inc.
Ccs Consulting, L.P.
Ccs Risk Management Services
Celtic Insurance Company
Cem Insurance Company
Cenpatico Behavioral Health of Texas, Inc.
Censtar Title Insurance Company
Centene Management Corporation
Centennial Insurance Company
Centennial Life Insurance Company, The
Central Benefits Administrators, Inc.
Central Finance Corporation Dba
Central Mutual Insurance Company
Central National Insurance Company of Omaha, The
Central Reserve Life Insurance Company
Central Security Life Insurance Company
Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha
Central States Indemnity Co. of Omaha
Central United Life Insurance Company
Centre Insurance Company
Centre Life Insurance Company
Centurion Casualty Company
Centurion Life Insurance Company
Century Acceptance Corporation
Century Healthcare
Century Indemnity Company
Century Life Assurance Company
Century Reinsurance Company
Century-National Insurance Company
Ceridian Benefits Services, Inc.
Cg Premium Finance, Inc.
Champions Life Insurance Company
Charter Indemnity Company
Charter National Life Insurance Company
Charter Oak Fire Insurance Company, The
Chase Insurance Life and Annuity Company
Chase Insurance Life Company
Chcs Services, Inc.
Cher A. Bumps & Associates, Inc.
Cherokee Insurance Company
Cherokee National Life Insurance Company
Chesapeake Life Insurance Company, The
Chesterfield Resources, Inc.
Chicago Insurance Company
Chicago Title Insurance Company
Chickering Claims Administrators, Inc.
Chrina Corporation
Christian Care Centers, Inc.
Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company
Christopher John Cramer
Christus Primary Carenet of Texas
Chubb Indemnity Insurance Company
Chubb Lloyds Insurance Company of Texas
Chubb National Insurance Company
Church Insurance Company, The
Church Life Insurance Corporation
Church Mutual Insurance Company
Cia Finance Company
Cic: Comprehensive Insurance Consultants
Cica Life Insurance Company of America
Cifg Assurance North America, Inc.
Cigna Behavioral Health, Inc.
Cigna Dental Health
Cigna Dental Health of Texas, Inc.
Cigna Dental Health, Inc.
Cigna Healthcare of Texas, Inc.
Cim Insurance Corporation
Cimarron Insurance Service Corporation
Cimr, Inc.
Cincinnati Life Insurance Company, The
Citadel Insurance Company
Citicorp Administrative Services, Inc.
Citicorp Insurance Services, Inc.
Citicorp Life Insurance Company
Citifinancial, Inc
Citizens Fire Insurance Company
Citizens Insurance Company
Citizens National Bank of Henderson Texas
Citizens National Life Insurance Company
Citizens Security Life Insurance Company
Civilian Employee Mutual Aid Society
Claim Management Services, Inc.
Claim Specialists, Inc.
Claims Administrative Services
Claims Administrative Services, Inc.
Claims Risk Management Solutions Specialists, Inc.
Claims Specialists, Inc.
Clarendon National Insurance Company
Clearwater Insurance Company
Clearwater Select Insurance Company
Cmg Mortgage Assurance Company
Cmg Mortgage Insurance Company
Cmi Barron Risk Management Services, Inc.
Cmi Lloyds
Cms Cap Management Systems
Cnl/Insurance America, Inc.
Coface North America Insurance Company
Cole Vision Services, Inc.
College Retirement Equities Fund
Cologne Reinsurance Company of America
Colonial American Casualty and Surety Company
Colonial American Life Insurance Company
Colonial Casualty Insurance Company
Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company
Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company
Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas
Colonial Lloyds
Colonial Mortgage Insurance Company
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company
Colonial Security Life Insurance Company
Colonial Surety Company
Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company
Colorado Casualty Insurance Company
Columbia Insurance Company
Columbia Lloyds Insurance Company
Columbia Mutual Insurance Company
Columbia Universal Life Insurance Company
Columbian Life Insurance Company
Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company
Columbian National Title Insurance Company
Columbus Life Insurance Company
Combined Insurance Company of America
Combined Premium Finance, Inc
Commerce and Industry Insurance Company
Commerce Premium Finance, Inc
Commerce Title Insurance Company
Commercial Alliance Insurance Company
Commercial Casualty Insurance Company
Commercial Guaranty Casualty Insurance Company
Commercial Insurance Company of Newark, New Jersey
Commercial Loan Insurance Corporation
Commercial Premium Funding
Commercial Risk Re-Insurance Company
Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company
Commonwealth Insurance Company of America
Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company
Commonwealth Mortgage Assurance Company of Texas
Community Bank
Community First Group Hospital Service Corporation
Community First Health Plans, Inc.
Community Health Choice, Inc.
Companion Commercial Insurance Company
Companion Life Insurance Company
Companion Property and Casualty Insurance Company
Compass Insurance Agency, Inc
Compass Insurance Agency, Inc
Compass Insurance Company
Compass Rose Financial, L.L.C.
Compbenefits Insurance Company
Compensation Strategies Administration Services, Ltd.
Compensation Strategies Group, Ltd.
Complink, Lp
Comppac Trust of Texas, The
Comprehensive Behavioral Care, Inc.
Comprehensive Health Services of Texas, Inc.
Computer Health Network, Inc.
Computer Insurance Company
Comsal, Inc.
Concero Group
Concero, Inc.
Concord Heritage Life Insurance Company, Inc.
Concord Premium Finance, Inc
Conexis Benefits Administrators, L.P.
Confederation Life Insurance Company
Congress Life Insurance Company
Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
Connie Lee Insurance Company
Conseco Health Insurance Company
Conseco Insurance Company
Conseco Life Insurance Company
Conseco Life Insurance Company of Texas
Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company
Conseco Services, Llc
Consolidated Billing Company
Consolidated General Life Insurance Company
Consolidated Insurance Association
Consolidated Lloyds
Constitution Insurance Company
Constitution Life Insurance Company
Consumers County Mutual Insurance Company
Consumers Life Insurance Company
Continental American Insurance Company
Continental Assurance Company
Continental Casualty Company
Continental General Insurance Company
Continental Heritage Insurance Company
Continental Insurance Company, The
Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee
Continental National Indemnity Company
Continental Reinsurance Corporation
Continental Western Insurance Company
Continuous Care, L.L.C.
Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company
Contractors Employee Benefits Administration, Inc.
Converium Insurance (North America) Inc.
Converium Reinsurance (North America) Inc.
Cook Children'S Health Plan
Cooperative Mutual Insurance Company
Coordinated Care Solutions of Texas, Inc.
Coordinated Vision Care, Inc.
Core V Solutions, Inc.
Coregis Insurance Company
Coresource, Inc.
Cornerstone Mutual Insurance Company
Cornerstone National Insurance Company
Coronado Benefit Services, Inc.
Corphealth, Inc.
Corporate Benefit Services of America, Inc.
Corporate Benefit Solutions
Corporate Health Insurance Company
Corporate Plan Management, Inc.
Corvel Healthcare Corporation
Country Casualty Insurance Company
Country Investors Life Assurance Company
Country Life Insurance Company
Country Mutual Insurance Company
Country Preferred Insurance Company
Courtesy Insurance Company
Covenant Management Systems, L.P.
Coventry Health and Life Insurance Company
Coventry Management Services, Inc.
Coverdell & Company, Inc.
Coy W. Streetman, Jr.
Creative Benefits, Inc.
Creative Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Creative Risk Funding, Inc.
Credit Suisse Premium Finance Llc
Crf Premium Finance Co
Crider Insurance Services
Criterion Claim Solutions, Inc.
Crown Capital Services, Inc.
Crown Life Insurance Company, The
Crown Premium Finance, Llc
Crum & Forster Indemnity Company
Csa Fraternal Life
Csi Life Insurance Company
Cst Financial
Cti Administrators, Inc.
Cuenca & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.
Cumberland Casualty & Surety Company
Cumberland Rest, Inc., The
Cumis Insurance Society, Inc.
Cuna Mutual Insurance Society
Cuna Mutual Life Insurance Company
Curtiss Financial Solutions, Inc
Custom Premium Finance, L.L.C.
Cx Reinsurance Company Limited
Cypress Care, Inc.
Cypress Dental Administrators
Cypress Texas Lloyds